The one about zips... 🤣🤣

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I got a chuckle on that one too 😉

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What an eclectic collection today...lovely!

I agree that Benjamin Franklin's musings on the elbow is an interesting read 😉

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And Sexton ❤️ thank you always such a great read

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Love this - just became a monthly subsciber...as a test of myself moreso than your beautifully curated content, which after first reading the letter of note on Holocaust Rememberance Day, wiping my tears, I subscribed, and begin with today. oh, how I love Twain and Le Carre!

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It is so wonderful being able to read REAL letters from REAL people, of all walks of life, on the struggles of life, the happy moments, etc.

There's something about a letter that just brings out different emotions from people!

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Mar 2, 2023·edited Mar 14, 2023


Union Drinking Song—just the first verse

God bless the human elbow

God bless it where it bends

If it bent too long we'd be dry, I fear

If it bent too short, we'd be drinking in our ear

So God bless it where it bends.

This is often sung a cappella by a group at the various US Renaissance Fairs scattered throughout the year and country.

The song from the musical Ben Franklin in Paris uses the same first three lines, diverging after that. The rest of Let Union Stand does not follow.

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“With great power comes great responsibility” – Dante Papier

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Lord I relate to the Flaubert one. Sounds like the quintessential artist. Devotion. Singular ambition. Focus.

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