Ah King Eric! This brought tears to my eyes. That was such a golden era of football. I remember watching his last game, glued to the television in the wee hours all the way in the United States.

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Thanks to the series Ted Lasso, I have an understanding of this that I would never have had. Lovely and heartfelt. I Hope they were able to have tea together.

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That’s a lovely letter.

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So much respect. Both as a former athlete and former teacher/coach, there is nothing an athlete wants more than to know that their coach "sees them" and appreciates them for what they bring as an athlete, and as a person.

This is one of my favorites yet, thanks Shaun!

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When you watch a game, it’s hard to imagine that the high blood pressured look of the managers hides a façade of deeply caring. It may not be true for all, but this letter was a wonderful glimpse into relationships behind the drama of on-field action. Like others, I was very affected.

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Reading along, I could hear the voice of Sir Alex clearly; the cadence, inflection and pronunciation of each word.

Eric was/is one of those people in life who the media were never going to understand properly. This is no reflection on either party, merely he’s ‘so’ one of a kind, it’s really challenging to articulate ‘him’, the human being on the pages of a newspaper.

The other thing that stands out is the very high esteem in which Sir Alex holds him. A truly unique player who brings a lot to life itself.

It’d be fantastic if Eric were to write more and go into ‘Full-Time’ Acting here, in the U.K. He’s ‘that’ versatile, he could play a lot of different roles. I’d like to see him opposite Surranne Jones as, say an Interpol Agent chasing after a Sean Bean Baddie!

Have a lovely day.


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