Words are hard

Due to the nature of emails and time, there’s no elegant way to edit a newsletter that’s already flown the nest, and as far as I can tell the only option is to send out another one. Hence this addendum. Apologies for clogging up your inbox.

Within ten minutes of today’s (first) email going out, I received three complaints about this line, leaving me to expect many more in the coming hours:

HOWEVER, in what seems to be a depressing clash of schedules, today much of the world is currently using said energy to get extremely wound up about a woman who refuses to keep quiet and now everyone’s too red-faced and tired from all the shouting to even think about all the International Women’s Day stuff.

The part in bold, which wasn’t in bold originally, has been misinterpreted. I do not think that Meghan Markle should keep quiet; that line was aimed, sarcastically, at the people who clearly do, and my hope was that the words surrounding it would make that clear. Sadly, the words surrounding it refused to step up to the plate and now I’m being bombarded with people telling me I’m a pig. I’ve had two more complaints since I began typing this.

That’s it. Just wanted to clarify, clumsily.

I won’t bother you again—not today.

Another complaint just arrived.

P.S. In other news…