Letters Live from the Archive

In 2015/16, when unmasked crowds filled enclosed spaces without a care in the world, we took Letters Live to London’s majestic Freemasons’ Hall. Over those two years we put on eleven shows in that incredible space, and with help from an embarrassingly talented bunch of performers we brought the humble letter to life, raised money for our chosen charities, and entertained thousands of people. Those shows will forever remain a highlight of my life, and one day, when all of this blows over, we will take to the stage again. But in the meantime we have in front of us an archive of footage, and yesterday, because everything is temporarily terrible, and in an effort to raise money for our friends at Choose Love, we released a 40min compilation of readings—seen above—from those very shows. If you’ve never managed to attend, this video should give you an idea of what to expect—wonderful letters brought to life by talented performers—and should you want more, we’ll be releasing another of these next Sunday, but from a different venue with different letters. Subscribe to the Letters Live channel for updates, and if you can, please consider donating to Choose Love (click through to the video on YouTube where it is easy to do). Their work remains vital.

Thank you.


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