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I still don’t understand

You’ll be subscribing to emails from me, Shaun Usher, in which I chat about letters, a subject I’ve been obsessing over since my wife (she wasn’t at the time) and I began writing to each other in 2002. In 2009 I began the website, and in 2013 the first of many Letters of Note books was published. Then came the live shows in which some of these magnificent letters are brought to life. A podcast is in development but momentarily hobbled by the pandemic, as are the live events. This newsletter—which, really, is the most fitting avenue of them all—will aim to keep you updated on all of the above (apart from my wife) and, most importantly, entertained. A one-stop shop. It will reach you most weekdays. Sign up!

Do I have to pay?

Absolutely not. I’ll write to you for free. But if you’re keen and able to become a paying subscriber, please do. It would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Plus, it will allow you to receive, every now and then, special emails unavailable to non-paying-but-just-as-cherished subscribers. I also accept donations.

This is such a terrible idea

You’re wrong, but I respect your (wrong) opinion. If I were you I’d sign up, for free, and see what you think. Alternatively, don’t! Life’s too short to be frothing over a newsletter you don’t have to read.